Yesterday Emory Libraries held It’s in the Cards, an art party to make art out of old MARBL card catalog cards. It brought me back to my days making and glamming with 3Text at the Graduate Center. I used 3 cards from the Danowski collection. The first, published in 1951, included poems by William Carlos Williams, Genevieve Taggard, and Langston Hughes.

Card catalog card sewn in a random pattern with green, blue, and yellow embroidery thread.
American sampler : a selection of new poetry
Card catalog card decorated with colored pencil in elliptical lines and blue embroidery thread in diagonal lines across the card. There is also a cut out illustrated car tucked between the thread.
London between the lines: a verse anthology
Card catalog decorated with shades of purple colored pencil, a cutout lion with a sewn yellow embroidery thread mane.
The puking pidgeon #1, or, The fucking duck #1, or, The search for the holy houkah revealed #1