• Category 1: A Brief Description of Your Field This topic area is primarily concerned with introducing presenters’ overall fields of research to a ‘lay audience’. Presenters should identify what the field is, specific areas of research within it, the typical research methodologies employed, and the major findings and contributions of the field. The presenter should also include other information that will provide a better understanding of his or her field.
  • Category 2: Reporting On Your Field Specific Research This topic area is primarily concerned with reports of current research projects being conducted by presenters within their specific fields. Presenters will describe and report their projects in a way that can communicate research methods and results to a ‘lay audience’.
  • Category 3: Research Projects Across Fields This topic area is primarily concerned with presentations of projects that are incorporating more than one science field. Papers can also include topics involving traditional science methods and theories used for conducting research in non-science fields (for example in the humanities or the arts).

Requirements: Applicants for the talks and poster presentations should write a brief abstract, no more than 250 words, outlining their content.

Visit the registration page to register for the conference and to submit your abstract. Submissions will be open until April 12th 2013. Registration is free of charge.