Along with the new semester of classes, Fall 2012 marks the start of a new semester of GEOS Talks! Our group has been busily working this summer to create a line-up of talks for the new semester. Our efforts have been pretty successful so far, we’ve reserved the Science Center (where the talks will be hosted) and confirmed a number of speakers. We’ve realized that it’s better to have an in-house happy hour than to go out to a bar or restaurant for socializing. It’s difficult for everyone to get to meet and greet the presenter when we’re in a bar/restaurant, and it ends up being more expensive. We haven’t been able to apply for CUNY Doctoral Students Council funding yet, because they’re going to want the full listing of speakers.

This has required a good deal of work from the students in the GEOS group, and we’ve been doing this despite some of us having our 1st Exams (here it’s a written exam and then an Oral Defense of the written portion) at the start of the semester and other’s completing their Dissertation Proposal presentations and defenses. I think a lot of us wonder sometimes why we’ve taken on this extra responsibility, but when the talks actually go through, we’ve realized that it’s well worth the effort in the past. This year should be even more exciting!