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Postcolonial Studies Group Colloquium Series 2011-2012

The Postcolonial Studies Group presents:

Co-sponsored by the Colombian Studies Group


Subaltern Royalism and Revolution in Colombia’s Southwest, 1808-1820

Marcela Echeverri
City University of New York at Staten Island

March 16th 2 P.M.
CUNY Graduate Center, Room 5409
All are welcome.

In this talk I will analyze the royalist forces that rose in defense of the colonial order in the southwestern region of New Granada, Colombia, a royalist stronghold where slaves and local Indians united with Spanish forces to fight against independence armies. Investigating the full political logic of subaltern royalism, including royalists’ interests and negotiations, is necessary in order to probe the assumptions at the center of nationalist narratives, and reveal the historical tensions over who belonged to nascent nations and on what terms. Subaltern royalism in this transformative process helps to explain the difficulty in consolidating nationalism in nineteenth-century Colombia and provides evidence of competing visions of empire, independence, freedom, and revolution present in post-colonial Colombian society.

Download a copy of Echeverri’s essay here.

Marcela Echeverri is assistant professor of history, City University of New York at Staten Island, and Mellon Resident Fellow 2011–12 at the CUNY Center for the Humanities. She specializes in colonial Latin American history and the comparative study of revolutions in the Atlantic world, with a particular emphasis on race, ethnicity, slavery, and the law. Her most recent publications are “‘Enraged to the Limit of Despair’: Infanticide and Slave Judicial Strategies in Barbacoas, 1789–1798” (Slavery and Abolition, 2009) and “Popular Royalists, Empire, and Politics in Southwestern New Granada, 1809–1819” (Hispanic American Historical Review, 2011). Echeverri is currently completing a book manuscript, “In Favor of the King: Popular Royalists, Empire, and Revolution in Colombia, 1780–1820.”


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