Growing Up Policed: Surveilling Racialized Sexualities

Date: 12/1/11
Time: 2-8pm (refreshments will be served)
Space: CUNY Graduate Center Room 6304.01
Flyer: Click here to download

Speakers: Andrea Ritchie, Kate Kendell, Charisa Smith, Jessie Daniels, Gregory Donovan, Juanita Bell, Aimee Cox, Antjuanece Brown, Jolene Jenkins, Michael Hames-Garcia, Darnell Moore, Michelle Maher, Sarah Valentine, Streetwise and Safe, Black Light, Hetrick Martin Institute: Newark, The Sakia Gunn High School, SPARK

Sponsors: The Public Science Project, University of Oregon Women’s Center, The Center for the Humanities CUNY-GC. CUNY-GC co-sponsors: Africana Studies, Political Science, Doctor of Public Health Program, QUNY, PhD Program in Social Welfare, Social/Personality Psychology, Sociology Student Association, Women of Color Student Group, Women’s  Studies. University of Oregon co-sponsors: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns. Also: ADCO Foundation, SPARK Summit.