The CUNY Division of Student Affairs has launched a new Student Policies and Procedures website that catalogs all centrally approved student policies and procedures.  The website can be accessed at<>.   The website is also available by clicking on the Current Students tab at the top, and the Division of Student Affairs link listed under Top Links.

This initiative was a collaboration with many offices including the approved and updated documents of the CUNY Board of Trustees, the CUNY Office of the General Counsel and Senior Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs as well as the central office for Student Advocacy and Referral.

The purpose of this website is to improve access to key student policy information and better serve our campuses across the University.  I welcome each of you to provide my office with any feedback or suggestions to enhance this resource.  Going forward, we will continually update the web page policies and catalog new policies that will serve to guide and inform our work with students.

Please contact Lenora Wade ( with any questions or information you have with respect to the web page content.