We welcome YOU to our first meeting of Fall 2011

on Tuesday, September 6th, at 4pm in CUNY

Graduate Center room 5409; i.e. JOIN US!!




1. person associated with lesser value, wages, importance;

i.e. second-class.

2. person working at a college or university without full or

permanent job status or protection; i.e. precarious.

3. majority of educators at the City University of New York

who teach the majority of its courses; i.e. exploited.

Ad·junct Proj·ect

[aj-uhngkt proj-ekt]


1. organization of CUNY teachers and students who collaborate

to transform our university through workshops, reading circles,

conferences, PSC-CUNY union involvement, and creatively

robust forms of social justice; i.e. activated.

2. committed to anti-racism, anti-sexism, immigrants’ rights,

LGBTQI equality, diverse abilities; i.e. principled.