Good afternoon fellow adjuncts! With the spring 2011 semester upon us, it is sad but true that some of us might receive our first paycheck (Feb 10) late. As something that is the norm rather than the exception, many adjuncts and others do not receive their checks on time. Below is a short guideline that one should follow if they do not receive a check on time:

1. Make sure your department has submitted your paperwork to the Human Resources at the school you are teaching.

2. If paperwork has been submitted to H.R. follow-up with them to make sure all of your paperwork has been processed and submitted on time.

3. If your paper work has been submitted and processed through H.R. check with Payroll to make sure they received all the necessary paperwork.

If all three of these things are completed and you have still not received a pay check, you should contact your PSC chapter representative:

You can also contact the Adjunct Project:

Good luck everyone with a new semester!