Baruch’s Provost is ringing in the New Year with class size increases and adjunct layoffs. And CUNY’s New Years Resolution is to charge you more tuition.

What are we going to do about it?

Grab some paper, some scissors, and some markers, wish Provost McCarthy a happy new year, and let him know how you feel about charging more for bigger classes!

Join our holiday card–making session on

Mon Dec 13th 1-4pm (Baruch Vertical Campus lobby)

Provost McCarthy has instructed many department chairs at Baruch College to eliminate courses and the contingent workers who teach them by creating jumbo classes of over 100 students.  These classes will not have teaching assistants, and some instructors won’t even have a grader.  The Adjunct Project stands in solidarity with Baruch students, department chairs, and faculty in demanding no class size increases at Baruch or any other CUNY campus. 

The situation at Baruch is changing rapidly, but even if new jumbo classes end up not being in the mix, general class size increases appear to be on the horizon for the spring and definitely the fall, and adjunct layoffs are a certainty.  If this gets rammed through at Baruch, we can all be sure that it will set a precedent for all of CUNY, and that we will see larger classes everywhere, and longtime adjuncts being fired as their classes are taken away.

Baruch is a laboratory, and a precedent will be set however things end up! Make the precedent our resistance to the “walmartization” of CUNY!

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