Internet Society Posts Video of @OpenCUNY + @OpenITP #TA3M Event

June 5, 2013 in Event, Workshop

From the Internet Society’s New York Chapter:
At the OpenITP Techno-Activism Third Monday on May 20, 2013 at CUNY Graduate Center NYC, OpenCUNY presented Alfredo Lopez, founder of May First/People Link (MF/PL), who shared his experience running a progressive and collaborative ISP. Video is below.

    DSC Final Hiring Reminder: Two (Paid) OpenCUNY Coordinator Positions

    May 5, 2013 in Position

    Dear OpenCUNYers –

    As many of you know, the DSC plenary recently approved the hiring for a third coordinator. The new Coordinator for Organizing & Action will join the existing two coordinator positions to provided better support for our participants in the upcoming academic year, and to expand the scope of OpenCUNY’s current activities.

    Below is the job announcement for this new position as well the Coordinator for Planning & Development position. Please let Maggie or I know if you have any questions ( / @opencuny)!

    NOTE: Since these positions are paid via stipend, they can be combined with any GC fellowship without issue.


    Doctoral Students’ Council’s OpenCUNY

    Applications due: May 7th, 2013

    The DSC seeks candidates for the following open positions at OpenCUNY:

    • Coordinator for Planning & Development
    • Coordinator for Organizing & Action


    OpenCUNY advocates on behalf of and provides Graduate Center students access to free and open source digital media, with attention given to the CUNY-wide free and open source digital media situation and its relations with Graduate Center students.

    Each new coordinator will serve from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014, with the possibility of reappointment, and be paid an annual stipend of approximately $6300, which is paid in monthly stipends throughout the year.

    Applicants must be matriculated Graduate Center students with web
    development experience relevant to WordPress.

    The open position of Coordinator for Planning & Development shall be
    responsible for:

    • publicly maintaining an updated Terms of Participation and policies;
    • ensuring meetings of the OpenCUNY Board; 
    • performing system upgrades and plugin/theme installation in consultation with the Coordinator for Education & Support; 
    • assessing developments in free and open source software, with the aim of identifying new services to offer.


    The open position of  Coordinator for Organizing & Action shall be
    responsible for:

    • serving as primary liaison to other DSC affiliates, as well as the DSC Steering and Executive Committees;
    • developing, extending, & integrating action-oriented media within the OpenCUNY medium;
    • fostering connections with organizations who share OpenCUNY’s mission;
    • coordinating and conducting on-site documentation of activities related to OpenCUNY’s mission and scope.


    The two successful applicants will join Maggie Galvan (Coordinator for
    Education & Support) and together will be responsible for:

    • facilitating communication and decision-making among the OpenCUNY Board,
    • performing maintenance on the digital medium, administering participants’ accounts and requests, • ensuring the reliability of the medium and adoption of open standards, and
    • ensuring that all activities of OpenCUNY are in compliance with the DSC Constitution and Bylaws.


    Please indicate for which position you are applying. If applying both positions, please address this in your cover letter. Forward CVs and cover letters to Eero Laine, DSC Co-Chair for Student Affairs by Tuesday, May 7th, 2013:

      Reminder: Vote for the 2013-14 OpenCUNY Board by tomorrow!

      April 29, 2013 in OpenCUNY Board

      Don’t forget to vote for the 2013-14 OpenCUNY Board (polls are open until April 30th, 11:59 p.m.). To vote, you must be a registered participant of To vote for yourself or another OpenCUNY participant, click the following link to the DSC eBallot nomination site and follow the login instructions: Short bios of the nominees are available if you click “details” to the right of their name.

      ABOUT THE BOARD: The OpenCUNY Board consists of the OpenCUNY Coordinators and four elected OpenCUNY participants. The OpenCUNY Board will continue development of the Terms of Participation that defines’s governance policy and any other policies deemed appropriate by the board. The OpenCUNY Board will meet approximately two times a semester. Please consult DSC Bylaw 4.3 for more information on the OpenCUNY Board and our Terms of Participation.


        Nominations for the 2013-14 OpenCUNY Board

        February 20, 2013 in OpenCUNY Board, Terms of Participation

        Nominations for the 2013-14 OpenCUNY Board are now open (until February 28th, 11:59 p.m.). To place a nomination, you must be a registered participant of To nominate yourself or another OpenCUNY participant to the OpenCUNY Board, click the following link to the DSC eBallot nomination site and follow the login instructions:

        ABOUT THE BOARD: The OpenCUNY Board consists of the two OpenCUNY Coordinators and four elected OpenCUNY participants. The OpenCUNY Board will continue development of the Terms of Participation that defines’s governance policy and any other policies deemed appropriate by the board. The OpenCUNY Board will meet approximately two times a semester. Please consult DSC Bylaw 4.3 for more information on the OpenCUNY Board and our Terms of Participation.


          Join the Internet Research Team today & this semester!

          February 7, 2013 in Event, Workshop

          Are you conducting or thinking about online or digital research for your dissertation or other projects? Interested in meeting other digital scholars and learning about new initiatives at the Graduate Center, including student funding?

          The Internet Research Team (IRT), a collaborative of GC students, faculty, librarians, and administrators, aims to create a space (both online and offline) for scholars to talk about digital scholarship and research methods. Current and future projects include opportunities to workshop individual projects, share skills and resources, form collaborations, and explore how the GC can better support digital scholarship.

          All meetings will be held from 12 – 1:30 pm in room 6304.01 (Psychology Department)
          Thursday, February 7
          Thursday, March 7
          Thursday, April 4
          Thursday, May 2

          Contact Info:
          Please join the group on the Academic Commons for more information and contact us if you would like to join the email list.

          Hope to see you at the meetings and/or online!

          Academic Commons group:
          Academic Commons website:

            (2/23) International Open Data Day: Occupy Sandy data release

            February 3, 2013 in Event, OpenCUNY Board

            From Suzanne:

            We’ll be working with Occupy Sandy to get a data set ready for the March 1/2nd Occupy Data Hackathon. Part of that will involve digitizing and preprocessing existing data so that we can more easily use it is a variety of analysis and visualization tools.

            Also, it is a big help to Occupy Sandy efforts.If you’re interested in helping to prepare the data, or want to begin some exploratory work before March 1st, they’ll be an Occupy Sandy Project in conjunction with International Open Data Day on Feb 23rd.

            The goal of the 23rd is to release an open data set that can be used for the Occupy Data Hackathon, and research and activism more broadly. Please help share this info with others that might be interested.

              (2/20) Social Media Week panel “Citizen Journalism to Hacktivism”

              February 3, 2013 in Event

              A roundtable session entitled “From Citizen Journalism to Hacktivism: How to successfully use social media in grassroots campaigns” will be held on Wednesday, Feb 20th from 6 – 8 p.m at the GC.

              This event is part of Social Media Week and will be moderated by Simon Lundgren, researcher and author of New Noise: A Cultural Sociology of Digital Disruption. The session will have a roundtable/workshop format where the focus will be on experience-sharing, networking, and on identifying pitfalls as well as best practices for harnessing the power of social media in grassroots endeavours.

              Space is VERY limited but there are 15 seats reserved for GC folks (we encourage you to sign up here ASAP).

                2013: Make it an awesome year with OpenCUNY!

                January 24, 2013 in Feature

                In 2012, you were all were integral in helping our system grow bigger and brighter through increased traffic, new themes and plugins (many requested by you!), more social media involvement, etc.

                We’re looking forward to growing with you this year and wanted to quickly remind you of some of our services:

                • Want a new look and nothing quite fits?
                  If none of our 50+ curated themes work for what you’re trying to achieve, take a look at the themes available through the WordPress directory and shoot us a theme request. If the theme’s free, open-source, and works with our system, we’ll install it for everyone to enjoy! Newer, recently updated themes have the best chance of success!
                • Want to teach your old dog new tricks?
                  Our 100+ plugins help your sites move and groove and do all the fun stuff beyond the basics. If there’s something you’re trying to achieve and we don’t have the plugin for it, take a gander at all the plugins in the WordPress directory and send us a plugin request. The words of advice that apply to theme requests also fit here!
                • Want to connect more with others?
                  The OpenCUNY Node collates all public posts and sends them off to our Twitter and Facebook feeds. Follow us on Twitter and/or like us on Facebook to keep tabs on all the awesome projects of fellow graduate students in the social media platform(s) of your choosing.

                These are a just few ways to deepen and improve your OpenCUNY experience. As always, be in contact with us with any questions or concerns, so that we can help facilitate your multimedia visions and schemes!

                  Say Hello to Your New 2012-13 OpenCUNY Board

                  August 23, 2012 in OpenCUNY Board, Terms of Participation

                  OpenCUNY Board elections were conducted in the spring, and four new Board members have been elected. John, Christina, Jared, and Suzanne join us, the two OpenCUNY Coordinators, in reviewing and continuing development of the Terms of Participation that function as OpenCUNY’s governance document. For more information on how the Board is composed and run, please see the Doctoral Students’ Council Bylaw 4.3.c.

                    Vote for the 2012-13 OpenCUNY Board

                    April 4, 2012 in OpenCUNY Board

                    Voting is now open for the 2012-13 OpenCUNY Board (until May 1st @ 12:01AM). The board consists of the two OpenCUNY Coordinators and four elected OpenCUNY participants.

                    VOTE >>

                    The primary task of the OpenCUNY Board will be to continue development of the Terms of Participation that defines’s governance policy and any other policies deemed appropriate by the board.

                    The election of the board is being facilitated by the DSC and only student members of OpenCUNY are eligible to vote. To vote, log in to the DSC election site and look for the “OpenCUNY Board” section at the bottom of your ballot. If you have any questions, or experience any problems voting, please get in touch with me or Maggie.

                    VOTE >>

                    The 2012-13 OpenCUNY Board Nominees:

                    • Reethee Antony (a.k.a. rantony)
                      Program: Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
                      Statement: I use the digital media to create a hearing aid simulator ( ), and to create website ( ). Currently, I serve on the Student Tech Fee Committee, Graduate Center, CUNY. This experience has enhanced my administrative knowledge in digital media to a great extent. I hope to further extend my current knowledge by serving as an OpenCuny board member and by contributing to the management of the digital media. 
                    • John Boy (a.k.a jboy)
                      Program: Sociology
                      Statement: John is a doctoral candidate in sociology working on religion and social theory. He’s been building web sites since his early teens and has been a free-software advocate for almost as long. He is one of the creators of Occuprint []. He is also a contributing editor to The Immanent Frame [], the Social Science Research Council’s award-winning blog on religion, secularism and the public sphere.
                    • Maria Garcia (n/a)
                      Program: Not submitted
                      Statement: Not submitted
                    • Julia Goldstein (n/a)
                      Program: Not submitted
                      Statement: Not submitted
                    • Kiersten Greene (a.k.a. kgreene)
                      Program: Urban Education
                      Statement: As a student who typed her college applications on a typewriter, I have found OpenCUNY to be a particularly edifying resource at a time when the internet has (literally) changed everything. My participation in the medium includes blogging at, devising a digital education tool at, and helping revise the guidelines as a member of the Board. If elected again, I would be committed to working toward furthering the reach of this unique channel of digital communication.
                    • Keith Miyake (a.k.a. kmiyake)
                      Program: Earth and Environmental Science/Geography
                      Statement: As a member of the inaugural OpenCUNY Board, I contributed in drafting the current Terms of Participation. This gave me a better appreciation for the importance and spirit of open source collaboration. I hope to continue my work on the Board to implement and promote the use of open source technologies since their foundations—based on contributing, collaborating, and sharing—relate to our collective work as academics, educators, and learners.
                    • Christina Nadler (a.k.a chrissy)
                      Program: Sociology
                      Statement: I would like to be on the opencuny board because I use opencuny for my own sites (,, but I also use other opencuny sites and would like to be more invested in the community. I am still learning a lot about technology so I will be able to bring a perspective with some level of expertise, but hopefully also one that can speak to the varying levels of expertise of opencuny users.  
                    • Jennifer Pipitone (a.k.a. jpipitone)
                      Program: Environmental Psychology
                      Statement: I am honored to be nominated for the OpenCUNY Board. I have experience in web development as blog manager for the Nature, Ecology, and Society Colloquium ( and am constructing a new website for the Children’s Environments Research Group, which is launching next month. I also have experience and very much enjoy representing students and handling governance issues as I’m currently serving my second year on both the Executive and Admissions Committee in my subprogram.
                    • Patricia Stapleton (a.k.a. pstapleton)
                      Program: Political Science
                      Statement: I am currently the DSC Steering Officer for Technology and Library. I would like to serve on the board to help maintain a strong connection between Tech and Library projects and OpenCUNY.
                    • Jared Simard (a.k.a canes)
                      Program: Classics
                      Statement: As the current DSC Co-Chair for Communications I am uniquely aware of issues coming from both OpenCUNY users and from within the context of the GC administration’s own priorities on digital media.  I have overseen both current coordinators while on the DSC Steering committee and look forward to continuing to make OpenCUNY a premier resource for GC students.
                    • Suzanne Tamang (a.k.a. stamang)
                      Program: Computer Science
                      Statement: During her time at GC, Suzanne has worked to improve resources for students and is a strong advocate for the more appropriate allocation of Student Tech Fee dollars.   Currently, she uses OpenCUNY for both her personal site and for the chartered organization Women in STEM.  As a member of the OpenCUNY Board, she would aspire to help further the mission of a medium that she appreciates in that it’s founded in good software principles, enables creative expression, helps students perform and present research, and makes planning student events simple.

                    VOTE >>

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