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About Todd Levon Brown

Todd was born and raised on the north side of Chicago, IL. He is one of nine children born to the late Mrs. Deloris Brown. As a black male from inner-city Chicago, Todd considers his background paradoxical-- both predictably stereotypical while congruently exceptional. He grew up in a single parent (his parents separated and later divorced), low-income household in Cabrini Green until the age of nine, and then spent his adolescent years in several upper middle class, predominantly white north side neighborhoods, all while being home schooled from 1st to 12th grades. Todd's homeschooling provided him with a love for learning and education and it was during this time that he resolved a career path engaged with the field of architecture. Todd's exposure to having lived in both a poor minority community as well as affluent neighborhoods, coupled with his academic background and training in architecture is the impetus for his current research on architectural/spatial justice.