From Students To Scholars is a podcast series that provides peer mentoring to Graduate Center doctoral students and helps them prepare for the careers to which they aspire. Each episode is themed and tackles specific aspects of graduate education, ranging from long-term planning and fieldwork to minority challenges. For each episode, we invite Level 3 students and/or alumnae to discuss the challenges, stories, and successes that they faced during their time here at the Graduate Center.

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Camacho TwitterCarlos M. Camacho

Carlos M. Camacho is a Sociology Ph.D student at the CUNY Graduate Center. Carlos serves as Officer for Student Life and Services on the Doctoral Students’ Council as well on the Sociology Student Association’s Executive Committee. He currently works as an adjunct at Bronx Community College and Lehman College. Carlos earned his Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University at Buffalo. His work focuses on race, gender & sexuality and religion. 


100_7344Darren Kwong

Darren Kwong is a Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center. He holds a Bachelors in Political Science from Vassar College. He serves as a Research Assistant and Project Coordinator of the CUNY Data Mining Initiative. His research projects include exploration of educational inequality via data mining methods. His dissertation examines the role and negotiation of emotions in the climate justice movement.


CropKaren Okigbo

Karen Okigbo is a Ph.D. student in the Sociology program at the Graduate Center. Karen serves as a Research Fellow at CUNY’s Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies (CLACLS) and the Office of Research, Evaluation & Program Support (REPS). In 2009, she earned a Bachelors in Politics from Princeton University. She also holds Masters degrees in Sociology from North Dakota State University and Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania. Her work focuses on immigration, race, ethnicity, and education.