Krav Maga Self-Defense 101


The DSC SLS is proud to bring Krav Maga self defense on April 7th at 4PM in 5409.

To attend a waiver is required so please go to this site and select “New Adult, not in our system.” This will allow the instructor to be prepared for the number of folks in attendance.

Look forward to seeing you in class.



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  1. I saw the message by Xhuli Agolli today about trying to get this class canceled.
    I just wanted to say…This week, I got attacked in the street by a complete stranger. He pushed me to the ground from behind, calling me a “fucking bitch,” taunted me as he walked on. When I got up and shouted back at him asking “what I did I do?!” he came at me fists up. He stood in front of me, “oh you wanna fight? you wanna fight?” looked me straight in the eyes with sober, calculated anger and hatred and then punched me across the face while my arms were defenselessly down by my sides. I was defiantly pissed, but I’d made no move to fight with him. this was 9am on monday on an empty residential street right across from my home. I have not walked that route to the subway unattended since then. I’ve been super fucked up mentally. I was really looking forward to attending this class, but now i feel weird, like if i show up people will think i’m morally corrupt and an a supporter of imperialism and military brutality. I don’t know what my feelings are about this…everything is tainted by power dynamics. what martial arts isn’t coercive–hasn’t been used to hurt and oppress innocent people? I’m not saying it’s ok. I don’t know. I’m not in the headspace to deal with politics right now. i just want to feel better and feel safe again…I don’t want a fucking dance class instead.

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