About PSG


The Postcolonial Studies Group (PSG) is an inter-disciplinary student-run organization at the CUNY Graduate Center. We stage events loosely related to the field of postcolonial studies / transnational studies / globalization and diaspora studies; this field encompasses both the study of the history, cultures, arts and literatures of postcolonial peoples, as well as theories of postcoloniality and of the transnational.

Our past events have included lectures and panels by CUNY and visiting scholars–students and faculty alike–as well as panel discussions, and film screenings. Each event also has a social component, since these events offer an opportunity for those working in various disciplines to come together, network, and consider working together in future.

We are open to GC students, though we also welcome the participation of all CUNY faculty and students, as well as those from other institutions. Our events have always been free of charge, and our only means of support thus far has been our DSC funds.

We maintain an active listserv with over 100 members; our active participants have included students in departments including English, Art History, History, Urban Education, Comparative Lit., Anthropology, Philosophy, Psychology and Theater.

Anyone who wishes to help organize our events is welcome, though currently the coordinators are doctoral students at The Graduate Center, CUNY, Ashna Ali (Comparative Literature), and Mikey Rumore (English). For information on how to join our listserv PSG-L, click here.