About Us

The Graduate Center Greek Community (GCGC) is a DSC student group active from 5/14/2010, founded for preserving and bringing awareness about the Greek culture and tradition.

We host numerous cultural events such as traditional Greek dance courses, Greek music performances, culinary gatherings. All these events are sponsored by the DSC and are free of charge for our members!

Our purpose is to familiarize non-Hellenic students with the Hellenic culture and tradition, strengthen the bonds between students with a Hellenic or Cypriot origin within the Graduate Center, welcome new Greek and Cypriot students and facilitate their adjustment in the new environment and maintain a close relation with other similar Hellenic clubs, groups and associations within NYC.

Contact Details

Co-chairs: Valia Mitsou, Agis Mesolongitis
Email: greeksgc@gmail .com (prefered contact method)
Office: 5389 (office hours every Friday, 4-6 PM)
Tel.: (212)817-7848 (call only during office hours)
Website: https://opencuny.org/gcgc