The “Graduate Center Greek Community” is an interdisciplinary student organization at the CUNY Graduate Center which has been founded for preserving and propagating Greek culture. Our purpose is:  


There will be regular meetings where students can socialize and also discuss and learn about Greek culture and tradition. In addition to that, special events will be organized featuring cultural and educational activities, like cooking nights where the members can taste traditional Greek food, dance nights where everybody can enjoy learning the basic Greek dances, etc.


The group is open to the entire Graduate Center community and to students, faculty and staff of other CUNY colleges as well as of other institutions. The Graduate Center Greek Community group shall have at least twenty (20) members, who are matriculated students at the Graduate School & University Center of the City University of New York.  Voting membership shall be restricted to matriculated students at the Graduate School & University Center of the City University of New York.

The group warmly welcomes and actively seeks the participation of members unfamiliar with Greek culture and language. The official language of the group is English. Greek may occasionally be used for convenience during meetings.

There shall be no membership dues. The group’s only regular means of support are DSC funds. The co-chairs might decide to charge extra fees to the participants of special events for which adequate funding couldn’t be raised. Participation to any event is optional.


Every academic year, elections will be held for no more than 2 officer positions. Voting members may nominate themselves or other voting members. In addition to functioning as the official liaisons to the Doctoral Students’ Council Co‐Chair for Student Affairs, Co‐Chairs share the following responsibilities: