Spring 2023

All meetings at 2:30 pm (available via Zoom)
The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016

January 27
Sarah Shapiro (Brown University)


February 3
Dr. Evan Turiano (Queens College)


February 17
Dr. Tucker Adkins (Calvin University)


March 3
Dr. Brian Phillips Murphy (Rutgers University)


March 24
Dr. Whitney Martinko (Villanova University)


April 14
Dr. Kellen Heniford (Penn State University)


April 21
Dr. Claire Gherini (Fordham University)


April 28
Dr. Anna Law (Brooklyn College)


May 5
Madeline Lafuse (The Graduate Center, CUNY)


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Madeline Lafuse  (mlafuse@gradcenter.cuny.edu)
Blake McGready (bmcgready@gradcenter.cuny.edu)