Spring 2024

All meetings at 2:30 pm (available hybrid via Zoom)
The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016


February 9

VanJessica Gladney-University of Pennsylvania


February 16

Dr. Jessica Lepler-University of New Hampshire

*virtual presentation


March 1

Chris Del Santo-The Graduate Center, CUNY


March 8

Nathaniel Donahue-Yale University


March 22

Yusuf Mansoor-University of Connecticut


April 19

Dr. John Blanton-City College of New York


May 3

Melanie Rush-The Graduate Center, CUNY


May 10

Beyond the Founders 20th Anniversary Panel Discussion


Fall 2023


September 8 

Rachel Tiven- The Graduate Center, CUNY 


September 22 

Dr. Alexander Manevitz-Baruch College 


September 29 

Dr. Alexandra Stern-City College of New York 


October 13 

Dr. Simon Middleton-College of William & Mary 


October 20 

Dr. Maeve Kane-University at Albany 


November 3 

Dr. David Waldstreicher-The Graduate Center, CUNY 


November 17 

Dr. Sean Harvey-Seton Hall University 


December 1 

Blake Mcgready- The Graduate Center, CUNY


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Melanie Rush  (mrush1@gradcenter.cuny.edu)
Christopher Del Santo (cdelsanto@gradcenter.cuny.edu)