Fall 2018

September 7

Dr. Sean Griffin (Brooklyn College, CUNY)

Paine, Democratic-Republican Radicals, and the Agrarian Reconsideration of Property Rights

September 21

Dr. Mark Boonshoft (Norwich University)

Education, Race, and the Transformation of Suffrage in the Early Republic North

October 5

Michael Crowder (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Tom Paine’s Political Economy of Abolitionism: The Case of Slavery in the Louisiana Territory, 1803-1805

October 19

Matthew White (The Ohio State University)

“Under the Influence of the Excitement Then Universal”: Pennsylvania’s Missouri Crisis and the Viability of Antislavery Politic

October 26

Dr. Hannah Farber (Columbia University)

Market Readers, Market Makers: American Marine Insurers at War, 1793-1815

November 2

Andrew Lang (Graduate Center, CUNY)

A Second Compromise?: Antislavery Politics, Black Citizenship, and the Inconclusive End to the Missouri Crisis

November 16

Arinn Amer (Graduate Center, CUNY)

A “New-Fashioned Jacket”: Dress and Undress in the Practice and Depiction of Tarring and Feathering, 1768-1776

November 30

David Campmier (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Confederate Diplomatic Failures, “King Cotton,” and Slavery


Spring 2019

February 1

Bennett Parten (Yale University)

“Blow Ye Trumpet, Blow:” The Idea of Jubilee in Slavery and Freedom

February 8

Dr. Nora Slonimsky (Iona College and the Institute for Thomas Paine Studies)

Oil, Elephant Bones, and An Act of Parliament: Mapping America’s Earliest Copyright Claim

February 22

Dr. Anna Law (Brooklyn College, CUNY)

The United States of America’s ‘Pre-History’: Colonial Era Immigration Policy

March 1

Dr. Matthew Karp (Princeton University)

The People’s Revolution of 1856: Radical Populism, National Politics and the Emergence of the Republican Party

March 8

Dr. John Blanton (City College, CUNY)

First Enslavements and First Emancipations: Slavery and Capitalism in Early Colonial Virginia, 1547-1660

April 5

Miriam Liebman (Graduate Center, CUNY)

The Ambassadress Abroad: Abigail Adams in London and Paris

April 12

Dr. Michael Blaakman (Princeton University)

The Logic of Land Mania

May 17

Dr. Thomas Wickman (Trinity College)

Black Fertile Earth: Governing Land and River at Suckiaug/Hartford, 1633-1650