Fall 2017

September 15

Dr. David Waldstreicher (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“Hamilton” as Founders Chic: A Neo-Federalist, Antislavery Usable Past? (coauthored with Dr. Jeffrey L. Pasley)

October 6

Alexander Gambaccini (Graduate Center, CUNY)

No Simple Democracy: Swiss History in John Adams’s “Defence of the Constitutions of the Government of the United States”

October 20

Michael Crowder (Graduate Center, CUNY)

The Fruits of Northern State Abolition, I: Visions of Economic Development in the Greater Northeast in the Early Republic

October 27

Sean Griffin (Brooklyn College, CUNY)

Towards a “Union of Reformers”: The National Industrial Congress, the Mexican-American War, and the Origins of the Antislavery-Land Reform Alliance

November 3

Dr. Scott Gac (Trinity College)

To 1877: American Capitalism and the Geography of Violence

November 10

Dr. John Blanton (City College, CUNY)

Antislavery Before Empire: The Problem of Freedom in Early English Colonization, 1547-1642

December 1

David Campmier (Graduate Center, CUNY)

The Union Army and the Rape of African American Women: A Comparative Analysis


Spring 2018

February 2

Dr. Sarah Gronningsater (University of Pennsylvania/New-York Historical Society)

“Expressly Recognized by Our Elections”: Certificates of Freedom and the Multiple Fates of Black Citizenship

February 23

Lauren Duval (American University)

“Their Own Perticuliar Spot”: Masculinity, Honor, and Domestic Space under British Military Rule

March 2

Michael McLean (Boston College)

“Sufficient to Make an Empire”: The Politicians, 1861-1870

March 9

Michael Hattem (New-York Historical Society/The New School)

“Creating a Deep Past for a New Nation”

March 23

Cody Nager (Graduate Center, CUNY)

The Naturalizations of Dominick Lynch: Creating Citizens in New York, 1783-1789

April 13

Maddy Lafuse (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“The Departure of the Fathers”: Navigating Declension with Emotions in Funeral Sermons

April 27

Helena Yoo (Graduate Center, CUNY)

William Smith, Jr. and the Future of Empire