Fall 2016

September 2

Dr. David Waldstreicher (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Ancients, Moderns, and Africans: Phillis Wheatley and the Politics of Slavery

September 16

Alisa Wade (New-York Historical Society)

Investing in Social Networking

September 30

Scott Ackerman (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“It Will Rival My Kansas Work of 1856 and 7″: George Stearns, Reuben Mussey, and the United States Colored Troop Recruiting Office in Nashville, Tennessee

October 7

Dr. John Blanton (City College, CUNY)

“The First Stone of Universal Liberty”: Slavery, Subjecthood, and Military Emancipation in the American War of Independence

October 21

Dr. Kellie Carter Jackson (Hunter College, CUNY)

Black Leadership: The Silent Partners of Harpers Ferry

November 11

Dr. Thomas Balcerski (Eastern Connecticut State University)

The Bachelor’s Mess: James Buchanan and the Domestic Politics of Doughfacery

November 18

Katy Lasdow (Columbia University)

When Hippos Dredged the Delaware: The Origins of Improvement in America

December 16

Michael Crowder (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Abolition Unleashed: The American Revolution and Northern State Abolition, 1776-1788


Spring 2017

February 24

Anthony di Lorenzo (Lapidus Center for Historical Analysis of Transatlantic Slavery)

French Emancipation and Antislavery Politics in the Early United States

March 3

Sean Griffin (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Antislavery Utopias: Communitarian and Cooperative Experimentation and the Abolitionist Movement, 1825-1850

March 10

Tara Bynum (The American Antiquarian Society and the College of Charleston)

David Walker’s Good News

April 7

Joseph Murphy (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“A Foundation of Human Rights”: Slavery, U.S. Coastal Waters, and the Making of Antislavery Nationalism

April 28

Evan Turiano (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Reinterpreting the Means and Meanings of Non-Enforcement of the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law in the Rural North