Fall 2015

September 11

 John Blanton (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“Britons Never Will Be Slaves”: The Passions and Interests of Late Colonial Slavery, 1715-1754

September 18

Zachary Bennett (Rutgers University)

Improvising Slavery’s Border: Nature, Navigation, and Sectionalism on the Ohio River

October 2

Michael Crowder (Graduate Center, CUNY)

The Great Diversion: African Colonization and American Abolitionism, 1816-1833

October 16

Dr. David Waldstreicher (Graduate Center, CUNY)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Amistad: John Quincy Adams, the Shutdown, and the Restart of Antislavery Politics, 1787-1836

October 30

Sean Griffin (Graduate Center, CUNY)

The Revolutionary Generation: Agrarian Conceptions of Free Labor, Property, and Slavery

November 6

Scott Ackerman (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“Give Me Only Such Men Who’s Hearts Are in the Work”: Lorenzo Thomas, War Department Recruiting Agents, and The Process of Emancipation, 1863-1865

November 20

Dr. Deirdre Cooper Owens (Queens College, CUNY)

Irish Immigrant Women, Race, and American Gynecology

December 4

Dr. Ariel Ron (Yale University)

Economic Nationalism in the Greater Rural Northeast



Spring 2016

February 5

Nora Slonimsky & Michael Crowder (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Regulating the Trade(s): Slavery, Publishing, and The Gazette of the United States

February 19

Alisa Wade (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Women’s Inheritance, Social Networking, and Class Consolidation in Post-Revolutionary New York

February 26

Dr. Mark Boonshoft (NYPL, Manuscripts and Archives Division, Post-Doctorate)

The Failure of Educational Reform in Revolutionary America

March 4

Alexandra Montgomery (University of Pennsylvania)

The Division of Wabanakia: Speculators and Loyalists in Maine and Acadia After the American Revolution

March 11

Miriam Liebman (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Flirting with the French: America Female Travelers in Paris, 1828-1848

March 25

Kevin Vrevich (The Ohio State University)

Abolitionist Friends: New England Quakers and the Beginnings of Immediate Abolitionism

April 1

Tom Cutterham (New College, Oxford)

“A Very Promising Appearance”: Credit Networks and Controlling Information in the Revolutionary Transatlantic World, 1784-1792

April 8

Zach Conn (Yale University)

The Nineteenth-Century Afterlife of the Articles of Confederation

May 6

Andrew Lang (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Antislavery and the Numbers Game: The Congressional Bulwark and the Real Sentiment of the North

May 20

Meggan Farish (Duke University)

Violence and ‘Belonging’ in Early National New York, 1785-1822