Fall 2014

September 5

John Blanton (Graduate Center, CUNY)

The Problem of Personhood and the Long English Antislavery Argument

September 26

Michael Crowder (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“No Captain Goes to the Havanna Without Horses or Slaves”: The Pennsylvania Abolition Society’s Slave Trade Litigation, 1788-1807

October 3

Joseph Murphy (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Absolute and Unqualified Divorce: Salmon P. Chase and the Radicalism of the Antislavery Platform

October 17

Mark Boonshoft (The Ohio State University)

The Diplomacy of Dance: French Manners and “Civilized Nationhood,” 1780-1800

October 24

Brian Bouton (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Exposed to All the Solitude and Perils of the Sea: Quaker Mariner Interpretations and Violations of the Faith’s Peace Testimony in the Atlantic World

November 21

Sean Griffin (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“The Genius of Integral Emancipation”: Associationism and Antislavery, 1841—1850

December 5

Alexander Manevitz (New York University)

Title Not Available

December 19

Roy Rogers (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Title Not Available


Spring 2015

February 6

Dr. Benjamin Carp (Brooklyn College, CUNY)

“The Unpleasing Part of the Drama”: Fear, Devastation, and the Civilian Experience of the Revolutionary War

February 19

Dr. David Waldstreicher (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Minstrelization and Nationhood: “Backside Albany,” Backlash, and the Wartime Origins of Blackface Minstrelsy

March 6

Dr. Steven Smith (Providence College)

Title Not Available

 March 20

Alisa Wade (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Contested Widowhood: Protecting Elite Women’s Inheritance in Early National New York City

March 27

Dr. Paul Naish (Guttman Community College, CUNY)

“What Shall I Do with my Liberty?”: The Versatile Myth of the Slave who Preferred Bondage to Freedom, 1831-1861

April 17

Christopher Morell (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Title Not Available

 April 24

Brian Bouton (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Neither for the Kingdom of Christ, Nor for the Kingdoms of This World: Confessional and Commercial Networks of the Quaker Diaspora in Tension with the British Empire of the Long Eighteenth Century

May 8

Michael Haggerty (Graduate Center, CUNY)

The Devil’s Wheel: Women, Crime, and Government in Nineteenth Century New York

May 15

Nora Slonimsky (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“The Omission of Some Words and the Transporting of Others”: Piracy and Libel in Early Atlantic Copyright