Fall 2012

September 7

Roy Rogers (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“[S]o fettered by Laws”: Episcopalians and the Political Economy of Religion in Early National Virginia, 1785-1811”

September 21

Dr. Michael Rawson (Brooklyn College, CUNY)

The Nature of Water: Reform and the Antebellum Crusade for Municipal Water in Boston

October 5

Michael Crowder (Graduate Center, CUNY)

The Colonization Movement, Early Antebellum Politics, and the Missouri Crisis

October 18

Dr. Francois Furstenberg (Johns Hopkins University)

Settling in America: Philadelphia Speaks French

November 9

Dr. Zara Anishanslin (College of Staten Island, CUNY)

“Language is too feeble:” Making, Domesticating, and Remembering the American Revolution through Material and Visual Culture

November 14

Dr. Johann Neem (Western Washington University)

Title Not Available

November 30

Glen Olson (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Threats Within and Without: The Uses of American Nativism for Irish Revolutionaries and Catholic Leaders in 1850s New York

December 7

Alisa Wade Harrison (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“The Charms of a Lively, Enlightened and Cultivated Mind”: The Material Foundations of Learned Femininity in Early National New York City

Spring 2013

February 8

Dr. Andrew Shankman, Rutgers University at Camden

A Synthesis Useful and Compelling: Anglicization and the Achievement of John M. Murrin

February 22

John Blanton (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“This Species of Property”: Slavery and the Properties of Subjecthood in Anglo-American Law and Politics, 1619–1772

March 8

Andrew Fagal (Binghamton University)

Foreign Capital, Technological Innovation, and Military-Bureaucracy: The Rise of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.

March 15

Cambridge Ridley Lynch (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Author(iz)ing Science: The Language of Professionalization in the Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, 1769-1830

April 5

Paul Polgar (Graduate Center, CUNY)

An Unconquerable Prejudice? The American Colonization Society and the Response of Abolitionists to Black Removal

April 12

Michael Hattem (Yale University)

“Their History as a Part of Ours”: Some Thoughts on British Historical Memory in Colonial America, 1750-1776

April 19

Christopher Morell (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“What Must I Do to Be Saved?” The New York Orphan Asylum Society and Early National Female Benevolence in Transnational Perspective, 1806-1828

April 26

Michael Crowder (Graduate Center, CUNY)

National Politics and the Abolition of the Foreign Slave Trade, 1787-1808

May 10

Nora Slonimsky (Graduate Center, CUNY)

The Un-Revolution of 1800: Print, Property and the Evil Genius of America’s First Copyright Lawyer