Fall 2011

September 16

Brendan O’Malley (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Title Not Available

September 26

Dr. Saul Cornell (Fordham University)

The People’s Constitution vs. The Lawyer’s Constitution: Popular Constitutionalism and the Original Debate over Originalism

September 30

John Blanton (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Timbucto: An Experiment in Abolitionist Politics, 1845-1859

October 14

David Gary (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Title Not Available

October 21

Dr. Jonathan Sassi (College of Staten Island/Graduate Center, CUNY)

Religion, Race and the Founders

November 4

Alisa Wade Harrison (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“Conversing in the Epistolary Way”: Class Identity and the Elite Female Correspondence Network in New York City, 1783-1815

November 7

Dr. Brian Murphy (Baruch College, CUNY)

Incorporating Interests: The Bank of New York, Coalition Building, and the Civic Commerce of Capital, 1784-1790

November 11

Cambridge Ridley Lynch (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Title Not Available

December 9

Nora Slonimsky (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Jeffersonian Ends by Hamiltonian Means: The Significance of Federalism in the Evolution of Copyright and the Free Press in the Early Republic

December 12

Dr. Andrew Robertson (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Jeffersonian Parties, Politics and Participation: The Tortuous Trajectory of American Democracy

Spring 2012

January 27

Laura Ping (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Throwing Off the “Dragging” Dresses: Dress Reform, 1848-1898

February 3

Josh Canale (Binghamton University)

New York’s Revolutionary Executive Bodies, 1775-1776

February 21

Dr. Martin Burke (Lehman College/Graduate Center, CUNY)

Anti-Popery and American Political Culture, 1775-1860

March 16

David Gary (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Gentility and the Society of the Cincinnati: A Cultural History of Early American Military Associating

March 23

Dr. Nicole Eustace (New York University)

Liberty, Slavery, and the Burning of the Capital

March 30

Glen Olson (Graduate Center, CUNY)

Revolutionary Consensus: The Illinois Staats-Zeitung and Coalition Building among Chicago German Americans during the Civil War

April 20

Joseph Murphy (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“A Cordon Sanitaire”: The Political Objectives of Second-Wave Abolitionists, 1830-1837

May 4

Michael Crowder (Graduate Center, CUNY)

“Fair and Flattering Promises and Anticipations”: Northern Colonizationism and its Complications, 1817-1834