Culture Capture: A Screening of the Violence of a Civilization Without Secrets

The Eighth Annual Pedagogy Day: Cross-Pollinating Teaching and Research

Dissent in Dangerous Times Lecture Series

How to Resist Mass Surveillance: A Workshop

Imperialism and Latin America: Land Grabbing of Garífuna Communities

3Text Collaborative Event on Making, Healing, and Teaching

Get the PSC Contract You Deserve! (Information Session)

CUNY Graduate Students in Music Conference 2018: “Voice, Listening, Aurality”

Under the Microscope: the biotechnology industry

Launch of Cross-disciplinary Working Papers Series for CUNY Graduate Students

Psychology and Law Colloquium Series

Breaking Through: Textures and Aesthetics of Rupture (English Student Association Graduate Conference)

Classics Graduate Student Conference

Objects of Study: Methods and Materiality in Theatre and Performance Studies


Annual Graduate Student Conference in Political Science

Colombian artist night

French Dept 2018 Graduate Student Conference “Haunted History in France and America: When the Ghosts of Slavery Resurface”

21st Annual CUNY Graduate Philosophy Conference: Self and Other

CUNY Milan Conference on Belief

Art and Literature in Contemporary Dominican Republic, Haiti, and their Diasporas

Remembrance as Resistance Open Mic

Eight Annual Graduate History Department Conference

Brave New Worlds: Dwelling in a Changing Climate

Machaut’s “Le Remede de Fortune” in Performance with a Pre-Concert Talk

Jewish Memory and Culture: 1945 to the Present: A Doctoral Student Conference in Jewish Studies

Sociolinguistics Lunch Series – Presentation by Lauren Squires

CUNY Early American Republic Seminar Graduate Student Conference

Queens College Developmental Disabilities Conference

Critical Sociolinguistics Interviews


Dissent in Dangerous Times Lecture Series

Defetishizing Theory: On Methodology, Field Research, and Grounded Theory

Channeling Relations in Medieval England and France – Conference hosted by Pearl Kibre Medieval Study

Visualizing Theory: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Critical Theory

Diversity in Psychology Recruitment Day

Subversive Cinema of the Arab Levant

Dissections: New Directions in Research on the Middle East and North Africa

Reform from Inside the system and Solutions Outside the System:A Panel Discussion featuring Communities United for Police Reform, Black Youth Project 100, #GetOrganizedBrooklyn, and the Audre Lorde Project’s Safe Outside the System Project