The DSC Alumni-Engagement & Fundraising Commission (AFC)

What is AFC?
The Alumni-Engagement & Fundraising Commission (AFC) is an affiliate office, established by the Doctoral Students’ Council (DSC) in 2011, which works to increase outreach with GC alumni, and to generate fundraising opportunities for student-led activities and initiatives. Prior to 2014, the Alumni-Engagement & Fundraising Commission (AFC) was known as the Fundraising and Alumni Commission (FAC).

Photo by Alex Irklievski

Photo by Alex Irklievski

What can the AFC do for me?
The AFC seeks to help raise funds for student programming, DSC representatives, student organizations, and student-led initiatives. By working with the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs, the AFC also serves to connect students with GC alumni to increase networking, outreach, and a greater sense of connection.

The AFC serves as a resource to:

  • provide funding opportunities for the DSC, its committees, affiliates, and student-led initiatives
  • strengthen connections between GC alumni and current students
  • work as a liaison between the Office of Development and Alumni Affair and the DSC to increase alumni-engagement and fundraising opportunities for GC students

Alumni-Engagement Events
AFC has helped host Alumni-Engagement Events with programs and current students.  Alumni and current students, as well as faculty, might meet to enjoy drinks and refreshments, as well as discuss topic such as the job market, life post-dissertation, networking, getting that first book published, ongoing research, what to expect after graduation, etc.  This can be more or less formal, depending on the needs and goals of the students.  These kinds of event can happen on or off campus.

Want to have an Alumni-Engagement Event in your own department? Contact afc[dot]cunydsc[at]gmail[dot]com.  AFC can help plan the event for you, and could help subsidize the cost of the event.

Fundraising Opportunities
The AFC is here to help students raise funds to support student-led initiatives and activities.  These funds might be put to a variety of uses–for example, student travel and research grants, fellowships and awards, conferences, etc.  Funds may be raised through your program, your Program Student Association (PSA), or the DSC.  Students at the GC have solicited gifts through email appeals, letter-writing appeal, and phone-a-thons.  Fundraising events might also be possible.

How can I get involved?
Students interested in joining or collaborating with the AFC should contact the AFC Coordinator at afc[dot]cunydsc[at]gmail[dot]com or contact us through the site.

Send us your thoughts!
The AFC hopes to serve as a resource for YOU. Knowing the needs of students is a first step to getting information about how the AFC can help you and your department. Please send in a suggestion about how we can help serve you.

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