Center for Critical Transport Studies

Collective of Critical Transport Scholars

The Collective of Critical Transport Scholars (CCTS) formerly the “Center for Critical Transport Studies” is a research collective that seeks to advance critical, radical and social justice agendas in transport studies.

Participants in the Collective take a post-positivist, theoretically informed approach to transportation research. While the dominant paradigm for transport studies is neoclassical and liberal economics, critical transport finds roots in multiple disciplines. The efforts of CCTS build on research and theoretical developments in sociology, geography, urban planning, anthropology and history. CCTS seeks to foster and highlight critical transport research. CCTS is a non-profit voluntary research initiative formed by doctoral students from the CUNY Graduate Center and Columbia University. We have held informal meetings since fall 2012 and have come together in formal meetings since 2013.

Currently the CCT scholars at the CUNY Graduate Center are working towards becoming a chartered organization to establish a home base and to grow our presence at the CUNY Graduate Center and at CUNY at large.

We meet in New York City and we are looking to expand our support network of scholars interested in critical and alternative transport studies research. We are also looking to strengthen our bonds with mobilities researchers and practitioners. For more information please email:hagredano@gc.cuny.edu

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