1:00 pm: Welcome: Jimmy Booth, City College Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

1:05 – 1:15 pm: Introduction: Harold Connolly Jr., Deputy Executive Officer EES


1:15-2:30pm, Session I: Local Solutions: Education, Policy and Society.

Chair: Tri Datta

I.1: Jennifer D. Adams: Learning locally and connecting globally: Frameworks for teaching climate change to teachers and youth
I.2: Bijan Kimiagar and Scott Fisher: Involving children in community governance as a fundamental strategy for facing climate change
I.3: Tom Angotti: Cities and Climate Change: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?
I.4: Samuel T. Frank: Cutting Carbon Emissions in the States: A National Patchwork Leading to a National Policy
I.5: Jochen Albrecht: The role of suburbia in the production of greenhouse gas emissions in the US

2:30 – 2:45pm BREAK

2:45-4:15pm, Session II: Global Science: Long-Term and Large Scale Analysis.

Chair: Gerald Rustic

II.1: Stephen Pekar: Past Climate and Ice-Volume Changes in Antarctica: Looking Back to Our Future
II.2: Johnny Luo: Understanding Convective Storms from Satellite Remote Sensing and from Flying Directly into Them
II.3: Henry Bulley: Monitoring Supraglacial Lake Dynamics in the Himalaya Region
II.4: Charuta Kulkarni: Identifying and interpreting the imprint of the little ice age over the balkan landscape: a combined palynological and geochemical approach
II.5: Gerald T. Rustic: Mean State and Variability of the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean Over the Past 1000 Years
II.6: Patrick Alexander: Seasonal Variability of Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Balance

4:15 – 4:30pm BREAK

4:30-6:00pm, Session III: Local Science: Analysis of NYC in Relation to Climate

Chair: Mark J. Dempsey

III.1: Pariskeh Hosseini: Effects of Super Storm Sandy on Depositional Environments Offshore Long Island, NY
III.3: Kenneth Gould, Tammy K. Lewis: Stronger Than The Storm: Hurricane Sandy and The Gentrification of Gowanus
III.4: Brett Branco: Before the Storm: The Rush to Resilience in Jamaica Bay, NY
III.5: Juliana Maantay: Assessing the “Riskscape” – Exposure and Vulnerability from Current and Projected Coastal Flooding in New York City

5:30 – 5:45pm BREAK

6:00-7:00 PM, Session IV: Global Solutions: Harnessing Technology to Analyze Climate.

Chair: Jimmy Booth

IV.1: Ali Hamidi: The Role of Climate in the Spatial Clustering of Rainfall Extremes in New York Urban Area
IV.2:Carsten Kessler: The enviroCar Platform : A Decentralized Approach to Monitoring Urban Traffic and Emissions
IV.3: Becky Boger: Climate change and geospatial technologies: integrating components of resilient
sustainability research and education
IV.4: Kyle McDonald: Remote sensing for ecosystem research: an overview from the ecosystem science lab

7:00-8:30 PM. Session V  – POSTERS/RECEPTION

P1: Tom Koutavas: CO2 Does Not Drive Tropical SST Cooling During Glaciation: The Case From the Eastern Tropical Pacific
P2: Tri Datta: Regional Patterns of Blowing Snow Dynamics on the Antarctic Ice Sheet from the
Modèle Atmosphérique Régionale (MAR), Assessed with In Situ and Remote Sensing data (2000-2011)
P3: Rehnuma Islam: Exploring the geomorphology of the Amazon’s planalto with imagine radar. Understanding the origin of the modern Amazon basin
P4: Aaron Davitt: Assessment of Agricultural Crop Condition Using NASA UAVSAR Datasets
P5: Andrea Gomez: Evaluating the Effects of Heat and Cold Temperature Stress on Coral’s Fluorescence and Reflectance Signature using Point-Specific Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
P6: Brian Lamb: Integrated Land Surface Water State Indicators for Climate Assessment
P7: Natalia Piatrunia: Evidence for the initial opening of the Tasmanian Gateway during the Early to Middle Eocene (51.9-49.0 Ma) based on shallow water stratigraphy from South Tasman Rise ODP Leg 189 Site 1171.
P8: Marco Tedesco: Ongoing Research at the Cryospheric Processes Laboratory
at the City College of New York
P9: Elyzabeth Hendricks and Farah Iqbal Salman: Mid to Late Holocene oceanographic changes offshore Adélie Land, Antarctica:
Ultra-high resolution foraminiferal assemblage and isotopic records from IODP Expedition
P10: Haydee Salmun, Frank Buonaiuto and Class EES79933 Fall 2014:
Storminess Along the Patagonian Shelf in the Next Century

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