I coedited the tenth issue of the Journal for Interactive Technology & Pedagogy with Amanda Licastro and Dominique Zino. It’s a special issue on “Challenging the Boundaries of ePortfolio Scholarship,” and it launched this week. It was such a pleasure to collaborate with my coeditors, other members of the collective editorial,  reviewers, and authors to publish this group of articles. From our introduction:

In a moment when the corporatization of higher education undermines people’s agency (especially, but not exclusively, that of students and contingent faculty), we want to examine the technological infrastructures we use in higher education, and consider how they might hold possibilities for greater access, equal opportunity, and creativity. The pieces collected in this issue of JITP suggest some directions for future work. Thank you to the authors who, taking risks with us to promote new forms of scholarly work, produced engaging, innovative pieces for our readers. This issue also pushed the boundaries of the journal in process, form, and content. As such, the issue was a collaborative effort that could not have been accomplished without the entire Editorial Collective and all of our reviewers. A special thanks goes to our managing editor Laura Kane, the head of our staging team Ben Miller, and CUNY Academic Commons developer Boone Gorges who helped us tackle the more difficult technical developments this issue demanded. We hope this issue encourages others to experiment, explore, and collaborate in an effort to extend the definitions and boundaries of ePortfolio scholarship.