What is FAC?

The Fundraising and Alumni Commission (FAC) is a new affiliate office recently established by the DSC that works to increase outreach with recent GC alumni, and to generate fundraising opportunities for student-led initiatives.

What can it do for me?
The FAC seeks to help raise funds for student programming, DSC representatives, student organizations, and student led-initiatives. By working with the Office of Development, the FAC also serves to connect students with recent GC alumni to increase networking, outreach, and a greater sense of connection.

How can I get involved?

Students interested in joining or collaborating with the FAC should contact the FAC Coordinator, Joe Heissan at fac.cunydsc@gmail.com.

Send us your thoughts!
The FAC hopes to serve as a resource for YOU. Knowing the needs of students is a first step to getting information about how the FAC can help you and your department. Please send in comments or suggestions about how we can help serve you.