This project will shed light on the most urgent questions that need to be asked about the Raise the Age legislation.  These questions were drawn from and refined by an advisory group of more than 40 advocates, lawyers, service providers, directly impacted youth, and families:

1. Who gets sent to Family Court and who remains in Adult Court to be charged as an “Adolescent Offender”? 

  • What racial or other demographic disparities emerge in who gets sent to Family Court or Adult Court?
  • What are the conditions of confinement for “Adolescent Offenders” held in “specialized secure detention” facilities created by Raise the Age? 

2. What happens to young people sent to Family Court under the Raise the Age legislation?

3. In which court system (family or adult) are 16- and 17-year-olds “better off,” in that they receive less harsh sentences, mandates, and placements?