The Graduate Center Women of Color Network Constitution

January 2005

Article I Name: The name of this association will be the Graduate Center Women of Color Network.

Article II Purpose: The mission of the Graduate Center Women of Color Network is to support women of color doctoral students through the completion of their degrees. The aim of this group of determined and committed scholars is to equip members with the tools to survive and succeed in graduate school. This will be accomplished through peer mentorship, special programs, lectures and round table meetings. Mentorship and collaboration will help manage their various identities (daughters, partners, mothers, workers, etc.) that affect scholarly goals.

Article III Membership: a) Membership shall be comprised of matriculated students within the Graduate Center who indicate their wishes to assume the privileges and responsibilities of membership. b) When necessary, each member (matriculated) holds one vote. c) Each member shall be entitled to participate and be a member of other associations within the Graduate Center. Article IV Officer and Duties a) The Graduate Center Women of Color Network will be led by a committee of students willing to take responsibilities and duties of organizing this group. b) Any member can join this organizational committee by attending the announced meeting at the beginning of each semester. c) Any committees formed shall be comprised of volunteers. Description: The Women of Color Network at the CUNY Graduate Center provides a supportive and collaborative space for women and gender non-conforming people of color to meet, socialize, create discussion, critique and problem-solve.

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