Updates / Quiz due SEPT 21


A few things: readings, quiz…

Here is the Jane Mulvey reading, “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” (1975). I’m excited to read and discuss with you all!

And here is bell hooks “The Oppositional Gaze” (1992).

We may discuss a bit more of Gill, chapter 2 before moving on to the above readings.

Your quiz to bring in Sept 21:

Please read Gill chapter 2, the section on Barthes (pages 48-49) and find an example of a contemporary “myth” (you have to read the pages to fully understand what myth refers to). You do not need to write a paper but do have a few sentences explaining how your example exemplifies Barthes’s idea. Email if you’re confused! If your example works and you explain it convincingly, then you get 5 points for the quiz. If you bring in an example but tell us nothing about it, fail to convince that is, you get 2 points. If you bring in nothing, zero points.

Ok, more to come…stay tuned!

Welcome to Women and the Media


Welcome to Media studies 384 with me, Dr. Van Cleaf. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and beginning the semester. Please bookmark this blog and check it often–this will be my first stop to post information, updates, readings, images or whatever else we need to share. I’ll introduce myself formally tonight. See you all soon.