12/2/11: Reading and Discussion with Frances Fox Piven

We will be discussing the changing nature of the welfare state and the contemporary relevance of Piven and Cloward’s classic work, “Regulating the Poor”.


The Center for Place, Culture and Politics, Room 6107

CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue @ 34th Street

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This reading group on poverty and welfare policy is a space for scholars to consider issues of social provision, the role of the state, social movements, and new or emerging conceptions of welfare rights globally. I’m hoping we’ll be able to address questions like: What is the future of the welfare state?  How are questions of social provision being framed (or ignored) by various segments of society?  What kind of political imaginaries animate these approaches and how are these being mapped onto existing institutions?  How does this change poor people’s lived realities, strategies for survival and forms of resistance?  How do race, gender, and labor continue to shape the politics of poverty and welfare?  Please feel free to suggest readings by adding them to the bibliography section.


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