About Us

The Udaan-Indian Students and Researchers Association (Udaan-ISRA) is a chartered organization affiliated to the Doctoral Students Council. It serves the following purposes:

1. Unites doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows from different departments under
the umbrella of the City University of New York (CUNY).

2. Provides a platform for cultural interactions and knowledge exchange amongst
the members.

3. Organizes cultural events to share the enriched Indian heritage with the global
community across CUNY.

4. Welcomes new students and guides them with their coursework, mentor selection
and other academic queries.


Welcome back CUNY doctoral students

Looking forward to a fresh start in 2015-16 and to many more events as part of Udaan-ISRA!

Spring 2013 Udaan-ISRA Meet

  ‘Spring 2013 Udaan-ISRA Meet’ is an informal social gathering-cum-lunch party where we can meet to chat, relax and enjoy along with delicious Indian food and sweets.
The details of ‘Spring 2013 Udaan-ISRA Meet’ are as follows:

Date & Day: 05/11/2013, Saturday

Time: 12:00 pm- 2:00 pm

Venue:      Dhaba, 108 Lexington Ave

                  New York,NY 10016

Since it’s an outdoor lunch party and the DSC funds are limited, Udaan-ISRA will be able to accommodate not more than 30 people for this event. So
if you and your family are interested in joining the event, please sign up the roster on or before Wednesday, May 8thThose who sign up the roster will automatically get on the event attendee list and will soon be contacted with additional details regarding the event.

Detailed instructions on signing the Udaan-ISRA roster are as follows:

1. Click on: http://cunydsc.org/node/11037

2. Select:

i) ‘login’: if you already have a DSC account, enter user name and password. Click on ‘login’.            [OR]

ii) ‘register’: if you do not have a DSC account yet, fill in the required details and click on create new account.

3. Enter your full name in the provided space.

4. Click ‘sign up’.

We look forward to meet and enjoy Spring 2013 Udaan-ISRA Meet  with you!

Join us on Facebook

Join us on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/isra.cuny


One major and one minor activity will be held every semester. Activities will include
socio-cultural meetings, welcome party for freshers, celebration of festivals, and
participation in Global Classrooms.

Mission Statement

The mission of Udaan-ISRA is to provide a platform for cultural as well as professional
interaction among CUNY research students.

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 Supported by the CUNY Doctoral Students Council.