Recent Faculty, Student and Alumni Accomplishments

Recent Faculty, Student and Alumni Accomplishments

Congratulations to 5th year student Kristen Hackett in Environmental Psychology! She has been elected to the SPSSI Graduate Student Committee. We know she will represent Critical Psychology well!

Congratulations Priscilla Bustamante! She has been awarded the Presidential MAGNET Fellowship beginning Fall 2015. Presidential MAGNET Fellows attend colloquia at the GC, mentor undergraduate students pursuing a career in college teaching, and contribute to the CUNY Pipeline Program.

Congratulations to 3rd year student Jenn Chmielewski! She has received the Advanced Research Collaborative Praxis Award for Spring 2015, for her research on LGBTQ adolescent girls’ experiences of surveillance and policing in New York City.

Brian Davis was selected as the 2015 recipient of the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) LGBT Dissertation Grant for his international dissertation project, “Mapping attitudes about sexual identity centrality: Piloting and intercultural validation of a mixed-method instrument in Japan and the United States.” Congratulations Brian!

We are so pleased to announce that Dr. Akemi Nishida defended her dissertation, “Affecting neoliberal public health care: Interdependent relatioinality between disabled care recipients and their care providers” — with brilliance, elegance and distinction.

We are pleased to annouce that doctoral candidate Christin Bowman, is an Honorable Mention for APA Division 35’s 2015 Hyde Graduate Student Research Grant. Her proposal is based on her dissertation work, entitled “Women’s solitary masturbation experiences: An intersectional approach to understanding the role of social power.”

Congratulations to 5th year student Devin Heyward! She has been awarded a 2015 Provost’s Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship from the Graduate Center to develop her potential dissertation topic entitled, “Genetics and genealogy: The search for history and racial identity.”

We are very pleased that 4th year student Kate Sheese has been awarded a 2015-2016 Graduate Scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to develop and carry out a project entitled, “The city as refuge: Citizenship, precarious status, and everyday social-psychological practices of refuge.” Congratulations Kate!

Congratulations to 2nd year student Chris Head! He received the 2015 Advanced Research Collaborative Knickerbocker Award for Archival Research in American Studies. The award is in recognition and support of his historical research of “pre-qualitative” research in psychology.

He was also awarded a 2014–2015 Doctoral Student Research Grant in recognition and support of his research with public school teachers as they negotiated a newly implemented assessment/ accountability program. Congratulations Chris!

Congratulations to 5th year student Wen Liu! She is the inaugural recipient of Marilyn J. Gittell Dissertation Fellowship for the 2015-2016 academic year. She will be working on her dissertation project on queer Asian diaspora and the reconfiguration of citizenship in the context of marriage equality in the US.

Congratulations to students Christin Bowman and Alexis Halkovic! They were each awarded 2015-2016 Doctoral Student Research Grants in support of their dissertation research. 6th year student Christin’s dissertation title is “Women’s Solitary Masturbation Experiences: An Intersectional Approach to Understanding the Role of Social Power”, and 4th year student Alexis’ is titled, “From Targets to Agents: Women’s Self Defense choices as a Response to Perceived Vulnerability.”

Congratulations to Brian Davis for receiving a 2015 SPSSI Graduate Student Diversity Travel Award!

Congratulations, Dr. Kendra Brewster! 2014 Critical Social/Personality Psychology graduate, Kendra Brewster, has been selected as the recipient of the 2014 International Association for Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement’s Dissertation Award. This award recognizes Kendra’s outstanding contribution to research on service-learning and community engagement for her doctoral dissertation, Between sites: Critical convergences at the personal, interpersonal, and institutional levels in a service learning course.

Congratulations Cory Greene and Gaurav Jashnini for receiveving the 2014 Applied Social Issues Internship from the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) for their projects:

Cory Green: “Street Participatory Action Research: Learning from Urban Youth of Color without High School Diplomas”

Gaurav Jashnani:”Collateral Damage and Embodied Consequences: Assessing the Impacts of Order Maintenance Policing on New York City Residents.”

Brian Davis has been chosen as year’s recipient of the Division 44 Committee on Mentoring Travel Award.

Stephanie Anderson was selected as the 2014 Divison 44 Malyon-Smith Scholarship Award winner for her proposal entitled “(Dis)entangling Sexual Orientation, Gender Nonconformity and Race in Antigay Discrimination: An Intersectional Approach.” Congratulations!

We are so pleased to announce that Dr. Susan Opotow, director of Critical Social/Personality Psychology has received the Outstanding Service Award for Division 48 – Given to an individual who has, through an innovative vision and hard work, advanced the mission and goals of the Society. Congratulations Susan!

Congratulations Alexis Halkovic! She won a Provost’s Summer Research Award for her project, “Brandishing a Weapon: The Social Significance of guns in American Culture.”

Wen Liu and Michelle Fine won the PSC-CUNY 45 Research Award for 2014-2016 on their research project titled: “On the Grounds of Transnational LGBTQ Movements in the US, Taiwan, and China: Public Archive, Psychological Wellbeing, and Activist Expertise” Congratulations!

Congratulations to Gaurav Jashnani! He was awarded an ARC Student Research Praxis Award for 2014-15 for his proposed research project entitled “Collateral Damage and Embodied Consequences: Assessing the Impacts of Order Maintenance Policing on New York City Residents.”

Stephanie Anderson has been awarded two prestigious awards for her dissertation research, (Dis)entangling Sexual Orientation, Gender Nonconformity and Race in Dynamics of Antigay Prejudice:  An Intersectional Approach. She received the Graduate Center Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship as well as the Society for the Psychology of Women (Division 35) Janet Hyde Graduate Student Research Grant!

Congrats to Akemi Nishida! She has been awarded a CUNY Dissertation Fellowship and AAUW International Fellowship!