Publications on archival research and social justice

CSP advanced doctoral student Kim Belmonte and Professor Susan Opotow have published their work on the potentials of archival research for social justice. Please see their citations below and check out the articles!

The first is a paper in Qualitative Psychology entitled “Archivists on Archives and Social Justice.” This paper offers a conceptual and functional understanding of the potential of archives as sites for research on justice so that qualitative researchers in psychology and kindred social sciences will consider archives as a rich source of textual and narrative data for their own studies.

Belmonte, K., & Opotow, S. (2017). Archivists on archives and social justice. Qualitative Psychology, 4(1), 58-72.

The second is a book chapter in The Handbook of Social Justice Theory and Research (Springer) entitled “Archives and Social Justice Research.” It offers a critical analysis of the relationship between archives and social justice, proposes an agenda for archive-based justice research, and offers details on the kinds of justice questions that can be examined in archives and how they were approached by five scholars.

Opotow, S., & Belmonte, K. (2016). Archives and social justice research. In C. Sabbagh & M. Schmitt (Eds.), Handbook of social justice theory and research (pp. 445-457). Springer, New York, NY.