we are:

manissa mccleave maharawal:

4th year, cultural anthropology student at the cuny graduate center. i study south asia, neoliberalism, urbanization, religious violence. i also think about the connections between ethnography and literature. i write poetry.



david spataro


together we are:

Manissa McCleave Maharawal & David Spataro are: CUNY students in Anthropology
and Geography, respectively. Both are poets, social researchers, and
educators. They created this event as a way to suture these identities
together, and to create a network of similar folks who can, together,
define what it means to do creative writing and critical research.


2 Responses to “who we are:”

  1.   Robyn Gee said:

    Hi Manissa,

    I’m a reporter with Turnstyle News – based in Oakland, CA. We’re an arts, culture, and news site for 18 – 35 year olds.

    I read your essay on the general assembly meeting and it was fascinating. The responses you’ve gotten on Racialicious and other sites are so supportive.

    I wanted to reach out to you and see if there have been any changes in the movement in the past few days from your perspective? Do you see potential for more women of color to step up and have a voice in this movement?

    I’d love to get in touch – feel free to call or email me at (510) 251-1101 ex. 357 or robyn@youthradio.org,

    Thanks very much,
    Robyn Gee

  2.   Diedre said:

    I read your piece, “So Real It Hurts”. Thank you for speaking up for so many of us. I’ll be sure to do the same at my city’s local action.
    You done good.~~

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