Selected Conference Papers

Conference Papers:

American Society for Theatre Research Conference, Dallas, Texas, November 7, 2013: Working Session: Corporate Tools: Commercial Performance in Theory and Practice. “More than a Marketing Tool: Race and the Imperative to Perform.”

Harvard-Princeton Musical Theatre Forum, Princeton, New Jersey, April 20, 2012: “Knowing ‘Our Place:’ Race and the Political and Economic Order of the Circle of Life.”

American Society for Theatre Research Conference, Montreal, Quebec Canada, November 19, 2011: Working Session: Corporate Cultures: Contemporary Economies of Cultural Performance.  “Corporate Theatrical Production: Theatre, Macy’s and New York City.”

Black Theatre Network Conference, Winston-Salem, NC, July 31, 2011: “‘who see thuh black card’: Hustle as resistance in Topdog/Underdog.

Mid-America Theatre Conference, Minneapolis, MN, March 5, 2011: “Shifting Narratives: Reading Race in The Lion King from Screen to Stage.”


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