Welcome to (Re)Queering Mexican History. This website is an ongoing project by Hector Agredano, PhD student in Geography at the CUNY Graduate Center. The goal of this website is to compile queer stories from Mexican history that remain hidden from dominant narratives of Mexico.

At first the project was called Queering Mexican History but after much thinking I renamed it (Re)Queering Mexican History because Mexican history is already queer. Therefore the goal of this project is to compile those stories and to consciously “re-queer” that history with them.

  • To find out more about this project please see the About page.

Here, the queer is understood as an affirmative political consciousness, encouraging and embracing of gay, bisexual, lesbian, trans and queer ways of life and expression. Within this project I am interested in highlighting queer, homosexual and non-gender conforming histories to intervene in the creation and recreation of Mexican history. Feedback, comments and collaborations are welcome. Please get in touch.