Student-Led Syllabus

This semester I thought I’d try something new. Something I’d heard about, but always been a bit nervous to do myself. You see, I’m one of those people who likes to have EVERYTHING in place before the semester starts. I like to know not only what my students will be reading or learning about each […]

ODAAT Canceled

Well, it finally happened. One of my favorite television shows (and the subject of my current research) has officially been canceled. One Day at a Time is a multi-camera style sit-com that was filmed in front of a live studio audience. It is loosely based on the 1975 series by the same name. It centers […]

Learning from Experience

When I teach face-to-face, I like to include a variety of activities. We do a little bit of lecture, a smattering of group work, a video here and there, maybe some informal group presentations, or just an open class discussion. It can really help to switch up how I approach each lesson so that I […]

Feeling Thankful

2020 has been rough for us all. So when my husband and I set down to our two person Thanksgiving dinner last night, I really had to think about what I was thankful for. I ended up focusing on big picture things: we have a roof over our heads, good food, and one another. And […]

¡Guán Melón! ¡Tu Melón!

In September 2016, I conducted research for my dissertation in Havana Cuba. As part of the work I did there, I attended a number of live theater performances. The first show I attended was ¡Guán Melón! ¡Tu Melón! created and directed by Nelda Castillo. I was lucky enough to attend back to back performances and […]

Writing Groups

While I was working on my dissertation, I had a writing group. Two of my friends (sometimes more) and I would get together in a room at the school and spend two hours writing. We met once each week, and while some weeks were more productive than others, we were able to get some writing […]

Final Projects: Podcasts

I host a podcast. If you’ve navigated through my website, that will come as no surprise to you. Why Do We Read This? was specifically designed with my World Literature students in mind. The idea was to give them another perspective on how to consider the literature we read in class. In the age of […]

Online Observations

It’s that time of the semester again. Observations. For adjuncts and instructors across CUNY (and I imagine elsewhere as well), this is a time that brings out different reactions in different people. Some people get really anxious at the thought of someone observing their teaching. Others are annoyed that, after years of teaching, they still […]

The Black Boxes of Zoom

There have been many posts by countless educators, parents, and students regarding the transition to online classes that many of us have been forced into this year. And everyone has their opinions on what works and what doesn’t work. Of course, the truth is there is no right answer. There is no easy solution. We […]


Hi everyone! Welcome to the blog portion of my website. Here I plan to post about a number of things that I am involved in. I will post updates to my academic research, interesting experiences in the classroom (or adventures in online teaching!), as well as upcoming events and reflections on those events (conferences, conventions, […]