Updates and Next Class Assignment

For class on May 9th, read to the end of part I (pg. 199).

Choose one of the following threadlines weaving through Beloved, and keep notes on it in your journal. Come prepared to explain how it continues and unfolds in the story. These threadlines are:

Ghosts as agents/artefacts of the past

Crossroads and liminality (threshold spaces, crossroads, borders, twilight, transition, etc.)

Kinship, weaving kin through story

Rememory—by the way, all students will be expected to explain rememory as they understand it at the end of the book.

Lastly, the final zine is due in a box at my office (Klapper 352) Wednesday the 23rd at 3. This way you can focus on the book and have an extra week to write and assemble your thoughts.

I am collecting journals for the last time on May 9th. 




Author: alarsson

Anna-Alexis Larsson is a doctoral student of Rhetoric and Writing Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her dissertation revisits the ideas and archived correspondence of the late anthropologist and communication theorist, Gregory Bateson, to explore pedagogy in relation to embodiment and ecology. She teaches at Queens College.