Revised Syllabus


As I mentioned in our last class, I’ve decided to revise our course syllabus in order to give  students more time to read and prepare for class. The reading will be divided so that a useful fraction of it is completed in class, in the context of the course discussion.

This week you will receive your composition books. Please note that you will be expected to copy pages of your book for your final project zine. With this in mind, it is vital that you make your writing legible. Your work will be shown to other students in the class.

Download (DOCX, 84B)

Author: alarsson

Anna-Alexis Larsson is a doctoral student of Rhetoric and Writing Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her dissertation revisits the ideas and archived correspondence of the late anthropologist and communication theorist, Gregory Bateson, to explore pedagogy in relation to embodiment and ecology. She teaches at Queens College.