Important for 2/14: No Class

Dear Students,

Instead of meeting in class, I want you to “watch” the following YouTube video. It is the recording of a reading of Emerson’s Nature. The link to “Nature” is also below. I suggest reading along, using a pen to note (you may need to pause) the following in your journal:

–things that surprise or intrigue you (you’ll be expected to name at least one such instance, in class, next week)

–something you don’t understand (you’ll be expected to go back and look this up, using your collegiate research skills)

Once you’ve gone through “Nature,” go back to your book and flesh out some thoughts about what intrigued or surprised you. Look up anything you noted down as a confusing detail, and write about it enough to be able to discuss it next week, after you’ve forgotten half of the details (your notes will thus be very useful).

Emerson, “Nature”

Read out loud, “Nature”

Due Wednesday, 2/21:

Read Emerson’s “Experience,” and write one to two pages in your journal reflecting on what you believe is the most relevant part of the essay for your world (or your life) today. Write it legibly: I really will be reading this.

There are two other things due, including your journal entry on the breath,  in which you practice one of the postures with deep diaphragmatic breathing described in the handout I gave you, for five minutes, then read a section from Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” OUT LOUD, TWICE,  then write a journal entry reflecting on the poetry passage and sharing any thoughts about the breathing exercise. Lastly, you must bring your copy of Black Elk Speaks. This is required reading. We will begin working with it when we meet; you’re not expected to read any of it in advance. Your reading of Emerson will have prepared you for this kind of reading, which I believe you’ll find much easier.

A note about the essay revision: the essay was so incredibly bad that I would like to talk about it and to some work together first, then send you home for a revision. Therefore, it isn’t something you need to work on this week. Spend the extra time reading Emerson.

Emerson, “Experience”

Some study texts to help with reading:




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Anna-Alexis Larsson is a doctoral student of Rhetoric and Writing Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her dissertation revisits the ideas and archived correspondence of the late anthropologist and communication theorist, Gregory Bateson, to explore pedagogy in relation to embodiment and ecology. She teaches at Queens College.