The Center for Humanities, Graduate Center, CUNY

invites you to participate in The Mellon Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research, a way to consider the diverse ways the humanities can function in public life or as a public good. The seminar is focused on creating public programs and encouraging collaborative research by scholars in the humanities. The seminar gives faculty and students an opportunity to think through definitions of … Read More →

Mediating the Archive

New digital technologies and archives-in-the-clouds raise new questions about moving image history. How, for instance, do changing definitions of performance, “liveness,” and active spectatorship complicate archival practice? Which histories are preserved, which are changing, and which are lost? How might public investment in these questions change the way they are addressed? Bringing together film and … Read More →

Narrating Change, Changing Narratives

Most scholarship defines narrative as a static one-way process, emphasizing the imposition of powerful societal narratives on individuals or, in contrast, highlighting the affective authenticity of personal stories. Working in community activities with people who are the subjects of powerful narratives of exclusion or inequality, the “narrating change, changing narratives” research group foregrounds the interaction … Read More →

Social Choreography

Artists, political protesters, and groups organizing alternative institutions have, since at least the days of the early 20th Century Avant-Garde, converged and then fragmented again, moving towards and away from each other in an elaborate historical dance that sometimes resembles a waltz and still other times a boxing match. Lately they find themselves on increasingly … Read More →


Translation is often mistaken as a vehicle for the process of globalization, or more specifically, for the global ascendancy of English and the death of many other cultures and languages. How might translation be understood as a process of transformation, and a way to deepen rather than diminish our understanding of places, people, cultures, and … Read More →