10 Extra Credit Points on your next quiz (yes, that is a letter-grade difference)

DUE: Monday 2/24, upload your blog in the  comment section below

Write a reaction blog on Anne Fausto Sterling’s paper.  

Writing a blog means that this is not a strictly academic paper.  Explaining psychological research/ theory to non-psychologists is a very good exercise in getting your point across using plain expressive language without an over-reliance on “jargon.” It’s also a bit more fun! To get a sense of blog style check out the research blogs at the SPARK a Movement website (sparksummit.com)—they incorporate both personal experiences and explain the research.

The kinds of questions you want to address:

  1. How do the experiences and existences of inter-sexed individuals change your understanding of sex?
  2. How have inter-sexed individuals historically and contemporarily been treated in society? What does this say about societal norms regarding sex/gender?