Terms of Participation: Vote Now!

The Terms of Participation have now been approved by the OpenCUNY Committee: opencuny.org/terms At this juncture we are seeking approval from OpenCUNY participants so that we may send these terms on to the DSC Plenary for ratification. If you have concerns about the Terms of Participation as currently drafted, we encourage you to get in …

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Terms of Participation: 1st Draft

The first draft of our Terms of Participation is now available for public viewing: opencuny.org/terms This draft has not yet been approved by OpenCUNY participants, the OpenCUNY Committee, or the DSC Plenary. We are posting this draft solely for public viewing and participant feedback. Please send any questions, thoughts, or concerns to the OpenCUNY Coordinators or …

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Migration to GC Servers Complete

OpenCUNY.org is currently in the process of migrating to a new server. If you’re reading this service notice it means you’ve safely migrated to the new server with us : ) This migration was initiated at 3:30PM EST on Wednesday, February 23rd. You may experience inconsistent service during the following 24 hours. If you need …

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Election Open for the 2010-2011 OpenCUNY Committee

OpenCUNY is pleased to announce the election for the 2010-11 OpenCUNY Committee will be held online from 11/17/10 to 11/24/10. The OpenCUNY Committee consists of the OpenCUNY Coordinator and four OpenCUNY.org members. This election is to decide who will fill these four committee positions for the remainder of the 2010-2011 academic year. A voter guide …

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Nominations Open for 2010-11 OpenCUNY Committee (10/29-11/6)

OpenCUNY is pleased to announce that nominations for the 2010-11 OpenCUNY Committee will be held online from 10/29/10 to 11/05/10. To make a nomination, please fill out the Nomination Form at http://opencuny.org/nominations/ The OpenCUNY Committee consists of the OpenCUNY Coordinator and four OpenCUNY.org members. The OpenCUNY Committee determines governance policies for OpenCUNY.org. The primary task …

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Upgrade Completed / Upload Issue Fixed

Two pieces of good news to report: The upgrade to WordPress 3.0.1 is now complete (background on this topic). You can read about some of the changes and new features found in the upgrade, here. The uploading issues a number of you have been experiencing should now be resolved (background on this topic). YAY!

WordPress Upgrade Scheduled for October 1st

Next Friday, October 1st, OpenCUNY.org will be down for maintenance as I upgrade the system (from WordPress MU 2.9.11 to WordPress MU 3.0.1). A full backup of everyone’s site will be generated – you do not need to generate your own backup. However, please follow these directions if you would like to generate a personal …

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Uploading Issues

A number of you have contacted me about problems you’ve been experiencing while uploading attachments. The problem has now been identified, and we’re working with our hosting provider to address it. I’ll let everyone know once this issue has been resolved. Please let me know if this temporary inability to upload attachments causes you or …

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And We’re Back!

The migration to the new server is now fully complete! Thank you all for your patience. While everything appears to be intact, you may find that you have to re-activate certain plugins, re-add widgets, and re-select your theme. This is unlikely, but not unusual following a system upgrade and migration to a new server. Please …

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UPDATE :: OpenCUNY Down for Maintenance

OpenCUNY.org has been successfully transferred to our new server and everyone’s content is safe and sound. As I previously mentioned, you may still experience error messages and inconsistent service over the next 24 hours. This is due to two factors: The transfer of our domain name (http://opencuny.org) can take anywhere from 24-36 hours to fully …

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