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Thank You for Making the 10th a Great Success!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been one month since the grand festivities of the 10th Annual Nature, Ecology, & Society Colloquium: The Culture of Climate Change.  By now, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had enough time to digest the wonderful information presented over those exciting two days. From ecological art exhibitions …

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Behind the Scenes: A New Cultural Outlook on Climate Change

While our culture tends to discuss Climate Change in terms of how it will affect the planet and humanity over the upcoming decades, Seth Baum offers us a broad and intriguing outlook on Climate Change. Seth, a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography at Pennsylvania State University, will present his research project, “A New …

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Behind the Scenes: The Poetic Side of Ecological Art

A very exciting Panel Session on “Ecological Art” at this year’s NES Colloquium will bring together an international group of ecological artists whose practice involves the examination, exploration and representation of climate change issues to present a visual, aesthetic alternative to the usual discourse on the issue. We are very happy to have ecological artist David Haley, …

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Behind the Scenes: The Climate Monologues

As you may know, this year NES has expanded its interdisciplinary approach by inviting performers, eco-artists, and photographers to join in a discussion about the culture of climate change as well as share how they conceptualize climate change into art forms. We are very excited to have Sharon Abreu, a talented singer and performer, and …

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Behind the Scenes: Hamsi Fish and Climate Change

Over the weekend we caught up with Antonia Marie Santangelo, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Anthropology at The Graduate Center. Antonia will lead a round table discussion at the NES Colloquium “Hamsi and a Changing Climate: An Anthropological Investigation” on Thursday, March 10 between 3-4pm. (Click here to register to attend the colloquium) Antonia, how did …

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Coming Soon: Behind the Scenes at the Tenth Annual Colloquium

With our Tenth Annual Colloquium: The Culture of Climate Change approaching, we will be providing a Behind the Scenes sneak-peek at the people who make this colloquium possible. Stay tuned for interviews with Colloquium speakers, presenters, artists and even NES committee members & volunteers to keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings!

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