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Name: Shawndel Fraser
Date registered: February 5, 2010


Shawndel Fraser is a Ph.D. Student in Environmental Psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her research is focused on American cultural ideas of nature, environment, sustainability and humanity. Her professional goal is to be an engaging and artistically creative, acerbically witty and clever, yet approachable cultural critic. Buoyed by academia, nurtured by conversations with everyday people, bona fide New Yorker, and former Arts Administrator for the Brooklyn Museum, Shawndel is experimenting with a novel approach to Academia. She uses the energy and flows of everyday live to inspire her artistic new-media, deliberately non-quantitative approach to cultural change research. To that end, Shawndel hopes to present her research to a progressive book/media think tank, such as the Institute for the Future of the Book, to publish a well executed ‘Vook’, that is a video based, interactive multimedia book (or two).

Shawndel’s projects all seek to foster what she terms Collective Conscious Consilient Conversation. That is to say, that she seeks to nurture public forums interesting enough for everyday people, academics, students and professionals from different disciplines, fields and perspectives to discuss old ideas in new ways, and to brainstorm new ideas for the use of old places and things with new people.

Shawndel Fraser is the current Organizer of the Annual CUNY Nature, Ecology & Society Colloquium . Under her gentle guidance, the culture and format of the program is currently being expanded and technologically upgraded. Seeking to push beyond the limits of standard research presentations, the new Colloquium format will provide for open-forum interdisciplinary discussion to bridge the scientific, social and pedagogical gaps between Nature, Ecology and Society in academic research.

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  1. NES Luncheon Composted at Brook Park in the Bronx — May 3, 2011
  2. Making of a Green Conference — March 3, 2011
  3. Preparing for the Tenth Annual Colloquium: March10-11, 2011 — January 6, 2011

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NES Luncheon Composted at Brook Park in the Bronx

2011 NES Luncheon Compost

The NES Colloquium was a resounding success. We welcomed over 225 people over the course of two 8-hour days of presentations, workshops, films and performance, replete with a free sustainable luncheon on the second day. Communal Table catered our meal, even going so far as secure a donation of eggs from Brooklyn Farmyards, a Brooklyn-based farming …

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Making of a Green Conference

For my fellow volunteers and I, it’s been a full day of sitting at the computer, scheduling, formatting, impromptu meetings, hunting for funding, interfacing with presenters and each other, html coding, torrents of emails, blogging, and on and on and on… We’ve all committed to creating a top-notch experience for  everyone , but with tight shoulders, …

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Preparing for the Tenth Annual Colloquium: March10-11, 2011

By now, you may have seen the Request for Proposals for our Tenth Annual Colloquium: The Culture of Climate Change. As you know NES is completely volunteer run and sustained by donations of all sorts. For nine years our corps of NES members has worked to produce the brilliant event that we know and love. For our …

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