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The People of NES

The NES Network comprises faculty from across multiple disciplines and CUNY campuses. Below you will find a listing of students and faculty who organize the annual colloquia.

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Current Colloquium Organizers
Bryce Dubois : brycedubois4 [at] gmail [dot] com
Area of Interest: Environmentally Responsible Behavior, Environmental Justice, Motivation to Volunteer, Mindfulness. 
Background: UMass Dartmouth, MA in Experimental Psychology, 2009; Salve Regina University, BA in Psychology, 2005.

Scott Fisher scottrfisher [at] gmail [dot] com
Area of Interest: Significant life experiences of youth climate activists, role of environmentalism in climate change mitigation and adaptation, and climate change education in general education curriculum.
Background: Presbyterian College, BS in Psychology.

Laurie Hurson: laurie [dot] hurson [at] gmail [dot] com
Area of Interest: Sustainable lifestyle choices,conceptualization of the self and consciousness formation, connections to nature, tensions between consumption and sustainability
Background: Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia; BS in Psychology.

Hannah Jaicks hjaicks1 [at] gmail [dot].com
Area of Interest: Barriers to participation in complementary and alternative medicine/yoga, restorative environments, use of space for holistic healing practices.
Background: Swarthmore College, BA in Biology and Psychology.

Do Lee (Bio forthcoming)

Mariya Marinova (Bio forthcoming)

Jennifer Pipitone jennifer [dot] pipitone [at] gmail [dot] com
Area of Interest: Exploring the benefits of ecotherapies, specifically wilderness therapy; incorporating ecotherapy into traditional psychotherapy. Understanding and identifying therapeutic and restorative environments. Promoting sustainable living practices.
Background: B.A. in Psychology, minoring in Environmental Studies from Loyola University New Orleans. Interned with the Gulf Restoration Network, a non-profit who works to preserve, conserve, and protect wetlands along the Gulf Coast.

Melissa Zavala zavalamelissa7[at] gmail [dot] com                                                                                                         Area of Interest: Urban ecology, especially reforestation for countering the effects of climate change alongside waste reduction as a conservation strategy.
Background: New School of Social Research, BA in Philosophy.

Founding Members
Mirele B. Goldsmith : In addition to founding the NES Network, Mirele has also founded two other related organizations: Green Strides Consulting and Jews Against Fracking.
PhD in Environmental Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center.

Tsai-Shiou Hsieh thsieh [at] gc [dot] cuny [dot] edu Research Interests: Urban recycling, psychology of sustainable behavior. PhD in Environmental Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center.

Legacy Organizers
Jason Douglas jdouglas [at] gc [dot] cuny[dot] edu                                                                                                         Area of Interest: The political ecology of environmental protection in Jamaica and environmental education in underserved urban communities. Working with underprivileged communities to develop an understanding of environmental issues at the various scales that affect them.
Background: B.A. Psychology, Stony Brook University, SUNY. M.A. Psychology/Animal Behavior, Hunter College, CUNY. PhD in Environmental Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center.

Shawndel N. Fraser sfraser [at] gc [dot] cuny [dot] edu;
Area of Interest: Production of nature, car culture, environmentalism, visual culture, digital storytelling, advertising, graphic design, new media, visual analysis.
Background: MA in Environmental Psychology; Under Shawndel’s gentle guidance, the culture and format of the NES Colloquium was expanded and technologically upgraded. Seeking to push beyond the limits of standard research presentations, the new Colloquium format provided an open-forum interdisciplinary discussion to bridge the scientific, social and pedagogical gaps between Nature, Ecology and Society in academic research.

Bijan Kimiagar : bkimiagar [at] gc [dot] cuny [dot] edu;
Area of Interest: Young people’s engagement in resolving global social and environmental injustices. Background: UCLA, BA in Psychology; CUNY Graduate Center, MPhil in Environmental Psychology Psychology; Bijan is currently a Writing Fellow  at the CUNY School of Law and has taught young children marine ecology at Heal the Bay, as well as environmental justice topics at UCLA.

Christine Caruso : ccaruso1[dot]gc[dot]cuny[dot]edu
Area of Interest: Urban Food Systems, Environmental Sustainability, Built Environment and Health, Gender and Food, Alternative Food Networks, Social Justice.
Background: MA Psychology in Education, Columbia University; MPH Social and Behavioral Sciences, Boston University; CUNY Graduate Center, PhD in Environmental Psychology.

Gregory Donovan gdonovan [at] gc [dot] cuny [dot] edu                                                                                        Background: Founder of the OpenCUNY.org student medium. OpenCUNY was formed in early 2008 to recognize the on-going interest of CUNY Graduate Center students in a free and open source digital environment. OpenCUNY both provides students with access to free and open source digital media, and advocates on behalf of their interests within the CUNY-wide technological environment.

Caryn Epstein caryn [dot] epstein [at] gmail [dot] com
Area of Interest: Children’s urban outdoor play environments and influences on public health disparities, participatory design, children’s perceptions of healthy design and play
Background: Columbia University, BA in Psychology and Spanish Language & Literature, 2007

Antonia Santangelo : asantangelo [at] gc [dot] cuny [dot] edu
Area of Interest:  Zooarchaeology, Human Ecodynamics, Anthropology of Food, Middle East, Eurasia. Her dissertation research is focused on assessing the importance of fishing in the interregional economies surrounding the Black Sea and investigating the impacts of climate change and human fishing over time on the fish stocks and species diversity in the Black sea coastal region of Sinop, Turkey.

Kelly Schroeder kschroeder [at] gc [dot] cuny [dot] edu
Background: Human Development & Psychology Research Interests: Promoting positive relationships between people and nature through design, restorative environmental design, understanding the value of emotional intelligence as it relates to the patient/healthcare provider relationship and exploring the use of horticultural therapy in healthcare settings

Einat Manoff : einatmanoff [at] gmail [dot] com
Area of Interest:  The politics of space, urbanism within ‘states of emergency’, generative utopias. Her current research focuses on issues of Internal Displacement and refugees in Israel-Palestine through the perspectives offered by geography, psychology, urban planning and visual culture. Until recently, Einat had worked as senior editor for Tel-Aviv based Block Magazine (a journal of contemporary thought on architecture, urbanism, art and media). She curated various exhibitions that incorporate video art and new media and has practiced architecture and urban design in various firms and formats.

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Faculty Advisors

Cindi Katz, PhD, ckatz [at] gc [dot] cuny [dot]edu,
Professor: Environmental Psychology, Geography
Cindi Katz is Professor of Geography in Environmental Psychology and Women’s Studies at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Her work concerns social reproduction and the production of space, place and nature; children and the environment, and the consequences of global economic restructuring for everyday life.

David Chapin, M. Arch, dchapin [at] gc [dot] cuny [dot] edu, Professor: Environmental Psychology
Research Interests: how people make meaning in places, ethics of social science research, the history of housing design in New York (especially public housing in the 1930s), and feminist and queer theory applied to environmental change issues.

Joan Greenbaum, PhD, jgreenbaum[at]gc[dot]cuny[dot]edu
Joan Greenbaum is professor emerita at City University of New York. Greenbaum is active in her union, the Professional Staff Congress (AFT Local 2334) where she serves as co-coordinator of Environmental Health and Safety. She spearheaded the first-ever PSC Environment Justice Awards to be distributed at the Tenth Annual Nature Ecology Society Colloquium.

Roger Hart, PhD,  roghart [at] gmail [dot] com, Professor: Environmental Psychology,  Geography
Roger A. Hart is Professor of Environmental Psychology and Earth and Environmental Sciences and directs the Children’s Environments Research Group at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (www.cerg1.org). His research has focused on understanding the everyday lives of children and youth and the application of this to a critical engagement with environmental policy, planning and design. In recent years, Dr. Hart has been more broadly concerned with developing research and programs that recognize children and young people’s rights as citizens.

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